CnR Epperson

Rear lighting

One of the first projects was enhancing the rear visibility by adding Electrical Connection's Rear Turn Signal Conversion Kit and the Kisan Technologies Vectra light license plate led array. We had put the Rear Turn Signal Conversion on our previous bikes and like the results.

The Kissan license plate holder and Electric Connections brake light LEDs mounted in the turn signals.Brakes on.

Starting to disconnect the turn signals.
Close up of what needs to be opened up to get to the wiring.
Taking one cover off.
The cover off and connectors for the brake, turn signals and running light exposed.
Put a towel over the fender so I don't scratch the wife's bike.
Sorry about the blurriness. This shows the turn signal wires and the available space to make the connections for the Kissan license plate holder and Electrical Connections brake lights.
One of the turn signals opened up with the LED ring (green circuit board middle left) and the tube of silicone glue to glue the LEDs to the turn signal lense.
Taking off one the turn signals from the center piece so I can feed the Electrial Connection's wiring to the bulb.
Using a screw driver to disconnect the rubber mount from the bar. The bolt is along side the wiring harness
Both the Kissan and Electrical Connections come with connectors to tap into existing wiring but I chose to make soldered connections. For several reasons, there is no room for all the connections and I have see too many wires cut and harnesses damaged.

All the wires connected correctly - we hope.

I tested it before putting it back on the bike.