CnR Epperson

A collection of projects

Tach - Drag Specialities

We added the tach after installing the cruise control.

Here's the tach.The resisters and diodes for the Tachometer adapter. The leads for the diaodes are softer than the resister's so they are twisted around the resisters and then soldered.Here's the critical step. The ends of the diodes which have the band are kept separate and go to each of the coils. The non-banded ends are connection together and to a common lead going to the tach.Here everything is soldered and the first pass of heat shrink.
The second pass of heat shrink is applied.The two blue Posi-Taps connect the tach adapter to the negative side of each of the coils. On this installation, there are two wires attached to the one coil: one for the tach and the other the cruise control.

Lowers - Buck's

The first non-Yamaha add-on to the bike - day's after it came home

Here's the right lower installed.Be careful to make sure that you move the bracket and lower as far forward as possible before turning the handle bars fully in each direction. If not, you might put a crease in the tank!

Passing Lights - Yamaha

Make sure they can see us coming.

The Yamaha passing lights installed. It took about 3 hours including answering the work phone.Here are all the pieces. Make sure you use them all LOL.
Getting ready to connect the passing light to its bar.This is where one of the turn signals will attach.Disconnecting the rubber mounts from the turn signals. They are not used with the light bar.
Drilling a water drain in the bottom of one of the turn signal bodies.

Wiring - Posi-taps

One end of the tail lighting wiring harness which is under the rear seat.I unwrapped the sleaving back to where I wanted to put in the Posi-Taps to the ground wire and the tail light wire.The Posi-Taps installed and verifying they fit vertically in the gap.Connection the "bus" wires to the harness. I used other Posi-Taps or Posi-Locks to connect the Audiocom, Audiovox and AmpliRider.