CnR Epperson

Getting a real horn

One of the first farkles was to get a horn that would get cagers' attention. I first tried a Stebel Nautilus and built a bracket to mount it in place of the left side faux cover - click for details. After about 6 months we noticed that the chrome was coming off the horn and exposing the plastic and Catherine did not like the tone. So I got a set of the Stebel TM80 Magnums which for her is much better.

Stebel TM80 Magnums

I mounted these to the tops of the engine guard so the trumpet pointed outward and down. I ran fused power and ground from the battery to the relay which I mounted behind the frame cross member above the top of the radiator.

Left sideRight side
Left side front view. The horns are mounted so they are in same plain as the engine bars which keep them clear of Buck's lowers.Right side - don't forget to check the clearance with the front all the way to the right.

Stebel Nautilus

Side view of the horn and bracket.Top view - notice the offset in the faux cover's bracket. The bracket was custom made. The horn relay was mounted on the backside of the bracket - out of sight.