CnR Epperson

Bike to bike and audio

Since we both ride our own bikes (some times hand signals are not enough and some times they're too much!! LOL), we installed an Audiocom and Kenwood FRS/GMRS radios for bike-2-bike communcations and we have MP3 players for tunes to help pass time.

Here are the mounts for the radio and MP3 player.

In the upper right, you can see the mount for the MP3 player and cruise control. The MP3's put goes to one of the AmpliRider's inputs.

The volume control and amplifier fit under the Yamaha's Comfort Cruiser seat. There is not enough clearance for the AmpliRider and/or the Autocom under the stock seat. We purchased the seat before installing the Audiocom and AmpliRider and only discovered the clearance issue when we considered trying different seat.. The audio from the MP3 is routed to 1 of the 3 inputs of the AmpliRider and its output goes to the Audiocom.

The Audiocom is across the bottom, on top of the battery. Up and to the right is the AmpliRider with its volume control to the right and between the frame, AmpliRider and Autocom.This is the bottom of the AmpliRider volume control and the bracket I made out of 22 guage steel. The bracket used one of the battery box bolts to hold the control tight to the box.Top of volume control.