CnR Epperson

Side by side comparison of Calsci X-Large and Rifle +5 Windscreens

When I purchased my FJR, I argued with myself about purchasing a Calsci or Rifle windscreen. I purchase the Large Calsci based on a number of positive reports and that I could stop in an pick it up on my way to get Rick Meyer to modify my seat and my wife's Vstar 1300 seats.

Since then I put on approximately 39,000 miles. I had tried the upper position several times since getting the FJR but as not really happy with it. Recently, I decided on to give it a try again. Much to my surprise, the upper position felt better and this "old bod" liked it. But I was getting more buffeting which diminished when I lowered the seat. After reading various reports from Big-D and others, I decided to purchase a +5/+3 Rifle

The physical differences between the Calsci Large and Rifle are:

I am 73" tall and inseam of 32".

I just completed 600 miles with the Rifle and under 80 MPH combined bike speed and crosswind speed, I get little or no buffeting. When the combined speed is greater than that, I get some on my helmet but not my shoulders. If I lower the seat to the bottom position, that goes away. A number of things contribute to this improvement: