CnR Epperson

Auxillary power, rear lighting, audio

What's under the pillon seat

Here is what is under the rear seat:
  • In the rear - Centech AP-2 distribution panel on a custom bracket
  • Left side - Audiovox CCS-100 brake signal relay
  • Foreground - AmpliRider amplifier
  • Between the Centech and AmpliRider - Autocom AVi Pro
  • Not visible behind and below the CentTech - buss bar for all the rear lights
  • Not visible on the right side - the taps into the FJR's rear wiring harness

Auxillary Power Distribution

For auxillary power, I connected directly to the battery with 2 10 guage wires which are fused for 30A. I located a relay under the driver's seat pan. The relay's coil is connected to the tail's power. So when the tail light is on, the power from the battery is routed to Centech distribution box in the tail cone. when the bike is off, the battery is connection directly to a pigtail under the pillon which can either be connected to a charger or compressor.

The shows the ground and +12VDC auxillary power connections to the battery. The fuse for the auxillary power is tucked between the battery and side panel.
The red wire is a feeder wire I worked between the relays and the frame to pull the auxillary power's 10 guage wires from the engine bay to the battery. It is easier to work one wire through making sure you're clear of factory wires, relays and fuse boxes and then pulling the harness in.
Here is the leader wire comming from behind and under the frame into the engine bay. I pulled the 10 guage positive and ground wires from the engine bay since there is more wire going to the rear than to the battery.
The auxillary power cable comes over the top of the right side of the engine and goes between the air box and engine back along the frame to the rear.

I stole this idea from a posting on I made a bracket to mount the Centech power distribution box in the tail cone. The Centech was the only distribution box immediately available that fit between the top of the Autocom and the top of the tail cone.

I use a AP-2 since it has 2 separate buss. I jumpered them together but just in case I change my mind... "be prepared"

These are the two brackets rough cut using a hacksaw. The sharp edges and corners were smoothed using a file and sandpaper

Here is the measurements and outline for the componets. The brackets which attach to the bike were made from 1" x 1/8" alumimum and the pattern switch around to create a right and left side.

I had a piece of 3/16" ABS laying around that I used for the back panel.

Tapping into rear end wiring harness

Behind the left side cover, there is a white Molex connector which connects the harness going to the taillight assembly to the main buss. I disconnected this connector once I had marked the harness in the rear tray where I wanted to tap into the it. This gave me more slack in the harness to make the taps.
Here is the taillight harness coming through the rear tray with the sheath opened up getting ready to tap in.
I wanted to use Posi-taps to connect into the harness but there was not enough space for all 5 connections. So I used the tried and true "wrap and solder". I hate the "blue clip through" connectors as I have seen too many harness severally damaged.
Soldered and try to tape.

Rear end lighting

I added a buss bar in the rear so I could easily connect different accessories into the rear harness. Initially, I added the Kissan LED license plate holder. Since then I added the 3-way Hyperlites and Audiovox which need to connect to the harness. The buss bar is located in the center rear of the tray and held by double sided tape.
The rear with the Kissan license plate holder and 3-way Hyperlites


The volume of my MP3 player through the Autocom was a little low and was difficult to adjust using the MP3's volume control. I had heard of the AmpliRider on the so I purchased one. Great service and assistance and works just fine!
This is the mount I made which holds the MP3 and the volume control for the AmpliRider

My signal distribution buss bar

Rear of bike

HyperlitesKissan Bike bussWhat
YellowYellowRedLeft turn signal
RedRedGreenRight turn signal
GreenGreenWhiteBrake signal
not used
BlueBlueRedTail light signal
BlackBlackBlackTail light ground

Front of bike