CnR Epperson

Top box - Seahorse

Up until now, I was using the Garaud luggage rack to tie on a duffel bag. But I was getting tired of having to open up one of the side cases to get different glove and having the tools either distributed between side cases or all the weight on one side. So......
After reading the where folks were using Pelican or Searhorse carring cases as a topbox, I joined the crowd with a Seahorse.
I exchanged with Garaud my luggage rack for one with gussets in the corners and the forward stop removed. I then drilled a hole through each of the gussets to bolt the Seahorse on to the rack. The wood disks in the corners are to raise the Seahorse so its ribing is not touching the rack and the weight is on the disks. I since have used ABS plastic as disks
The ribs which are on the top and bottom. Fortunately, the holes in the rack's gussets and these ribs aligned so the box was position front-to-back and side-to-side so it was centered and just cleared the FJR's grab bar.
Two of the bolts with washers in place attaching the Seahorse to the rack
Showing the clearance between the rack and box
Front clearance
The rear view. I had gotte some LED light bars thinking I would attach them to the side cases for additional lighting. But with the addition of the topbox, I put them there. So now there are four sets of stop and turn signals - topbox, FJR stock, Kysan license plate holder, and Hyperlites.