CnR Epperson

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Flight Trainer come to be?

The Flight Trainer training aids were inspired by the author's experience working on his own ratings and instructing, and feedback from other flight instructors, students and pilots of all levels of experience around the world. Some of the trainers and quizzes provided where made available as applets via the web as "freeware" for over 30 months.

In 2002, these have been productized as applications and enhanced to include flight simulators and packaged with a new series of trainers, quizzes, and simulators.

In December 2010, the decision was made to not provide a standalone version any longer and continue to make the Flight Trainer available as a Java Applet available from our website.

What technology does the Flight Trainer use?

Flying Dynamics's products are developed using Java technology. The lastest version was compiled using verion 1.6.0_21 of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). A compatible JVM needs to be installed for your web browser to use.

What help is included?

The help text provides information on each of the training aids and controls.Flying Dynamics has chosen not to include help or instruction on thenavigation aids or how to perform the different maneuvers. There arenumerous books and different techniques instructors use to teach these.TheFlight Trainer is an aid to faciliate understanding them and is intentedto be used in conjunction with other instructional material.

The help is accessable through the applet or here.

Does the Flight Trainer write to my hard disk?

The Flight Trainer applet does not access your computer